ZANDRA FOUNDATION (Trust) is a social welfare organization which has been founded in the year 2018 by our honourable chairman Mr. Bhupal Chandra Sardar. The logo itself symbolises our goal. It shows that a better and an advanced society can be created by taking proper care just like a small seed which grows up to a plant by giving proper sunlight and watering it daily. It is a non-profit organization aiming to work for the development and betterment of the world. It is strongly committed to providing equal opportunities to the socially marginalised sections of our society eliminating gender discrimination and poverty and making people aware of the importance of education. It also focuses on providing essential services to the poor like health care services and education by establishing and maintaining voluntary/low-cost schools, colleges, libraries, educational institutions, hostels, hospitals, health care centres and so on. We are even planning to set up Old age homes and orphanages for the recognition of the neglected and downtrodden sections the society. Its goal will be encouraging the communities to promote education for the development of a society and establishing child and women welfare centres for the benefit of our society as a whole. We care to look forward to changing the Village/Block/District of our country or aboard, to a better place where each one of us can live happily.

ZANDRA FOUNDATION was founded with this motive and currently aiming to provide services and facilities to the humanity. The journey began and continues to meet the needs and requirements of the socially excluded and marginalised sections. As a chairman, I feel that any social work can never be the work of an individual and has to be carried out with efficiency, dedication and commitment of the entire team. With this vision, I am planning to create my team who will be working together to create a trust/society which will be free from poverty, discrimination, unemployment, etc and be successful in removing all the social and economic inequalities. Progress and development can be brought in any society only if each and everyone receives education irrespective of class, caste, colour, religion and gender. There are many projects in my mind that I am planning to incorporate so that the downtrodden sections of society can fulfil their dreams and showcase their talents so that their talents come out from the crowd. Our trust/society needs a positive force to act behind, for its progress and development. The first organization started by me was the Charaghata Avijan Sangha where I was the first secretary. Secondly, I have been working as a junior member of an INDIAN NON-GOVERNMENT ORGANISATION TRUST (INGOT) under the secretary of Mr. Bimal Das( DIRECTOR of HELP AGE INDIA S.R.I ) Ranchi. There, the assistant secretary was Mr. Dinesh Das, the secretary of DARA AIKATAN SANGHA and the president was Mrs. Ratna Panday who was once the principal of Women Presidency college, Kolkata. Thirdly, I am also the acting Secretary of ADARSHANAGAR VIVEKANANDA SANGHA from 2007 till today, which was founded and registered by me in 2005. Along with that, I have also been a member of the COMMITTEE FOR PROTECTION OF DEMOCRATIC AND HUMAN RIGHTS (CPDHR), West Bengal state formed in 1991. I became its member in the year 1992 -1993 and got promoted to the post of assistant secretary of the district 24 pgs (south) in the year 2009. I also received a certificate in the year of 2012 and 2015 for being the best member of this organisation. I am also the member of Adarshanagar Kalyan Samity, and advisory member of Metiabruz Child and Women Welfare Society respectively till date. Last, but not the least, I have also been working as the junior life member of POUNDRA MAHA SANGHA which was registered by me and the junior member of 'Niti Kalpa' in 2008 and later joined it in 2018 again which continues till today.

I have compared my achievements to an express train which starts its journey from one particular station, passes through many stations and finally reaches its destination.


"This was the station from where I started focussing on the development of the village areas."


"My next station was a platform where I focussed on making another organisation for the communication of several districts and states."


"The third station where I stopped, focussed on making the residential areas peaceful and developed."


"The fourth station where I reached, was strongly committed to providing the basic law rights to all the men, women and children of the society."


"The fifth station where I reached, strongly focussed on restoring the culture and heritage of POUNDRA JANAJATI."

Although I believe that I have not yet reached my destination, I am about to reach my destined station where I have several goals to be achieved, plans to be executed and dreams to be fulfilled for the development of a village/district/state/country and aboard. Hence, I pray to Almighty to shower his blessings upon us so that we can fulfil our mission successfully.

Mother Teresa said, "It is not how much we give that matters, but how much love we put into giving." Being inspired by this phrase of Mother Teresa, we have a vision and mission for the development of the community as a whole.
Our vision is not only to see to the well being of an individual but also the overall development and advancement of the society. We are striving to create a society which ensures social justice, upliftment and empowerment of women, providing education and healthcare facilities to the socially marginalised and underprivileged sections of the society. We aim to make the world, our own world, a better place.
We are planning to reach out to the people in rural areas so that even they get all the opportunities and showcase their talents to fulfil all their dreams. We have a mission to be a positive force in the society to bring about economic, educational, cultural advancements of the socially excluded and backward sections. We aim to meet all kinds of challenges that a society faces in order to benefit the public.

  • To provide equal opportunities to all the sections of the society eliminating discriminations on the basis of caste, class, religion, colour, sex, creed and birthplace.
  • To establish and maintain schools, colleges, educational institutions, hostels, hospitals, old age homes, orphanages, youth clubs, sports clubs, libraries, child and women welfare centres and such other similar charitable institutions in India for the benefit and use of the public in general.
  • To grant aid for the establishment and maintenance of the environmental and natural parks, sports, clubs, tube wells for the supply of safe drinking water and improving the health and sanitation facilities by proper establishments and maintenance of toilets.
  • To give large compensations to the people who suffer from huge losses during the natural disasters that take place like earthquakes, flood, fire, famine and so on.
  • To provide essential services to the poor by establishing free healthcare centres for regular checkups and treatments, provide education by constructing low cost or no cost schools everywhere and last but not the least, to build shelters for the street people who are deprived of the basic necessities of life.
  • To educate communities on the importance of education and establish separate schools for women so that they are not deprived of getting the primary education in order to create an advanced society.
  • To prevent child labour and eliminate poverty.
  • To organise social and environmental programs in order to spread awareness among the people regarding the environmental problems that are faced today.
  • It aspires to address the academic need of every child by paying the school fees. It will also ensure that every child receives adequate food and nutrition by taking help from their mothers.